Worksheet 1 Subject-Verb Disagreement Answers Mcgraw Hill

Usually, the subject comes before the verb, but inverted sentences have the subject after the verb. For example, sentences that begin There is . or There is . are reversed. To check the subject-verb correspondence in these sentences, « reverse » them first. Each verb must correspond to its subject in number (singular or plural). Subject-verb disagreement is one of the most common errors tested on the SAT. If you are a native English speaker, the best way to look for differences of opinion between subject and verb is to find the subject and verb (ignore all words in between) and say them together. 25.

The Donovan or Dave (east/are) will bring the records. . _______________. . 13. The technology behind high-definition television, DVDs and CDs has changed almost every aspect of the home entertainment industry. _______________. .

15. Pride and Prejudice (is/are) my favorite Jane Austen novel. 9. Proceeds from the sale of each auctioned item are donated to a charity. _______________. 27. Far too many smokers are in this restaurant in my opinion. . 17.s: Your strength training and diet, v: is (switch to are). . . .

18. Amy makes a request with Jamie and Jen on Mount Holyoke. The subject of a sentence must correspond to the verb of the sentence: 2. The president or one of his advisers will coordinate the project. ____________ 13. s: Technology, v: have transformed (change to changed). . 11.

Your contract is longer than three years. _______________ 30. Never before (has/have) heard such voices here. Christie and Prin are characters in Laurence`s The Diviners. . A verb is what conveys the essential meaning of a clause (a series of words that convey an idea). Every idea needs a verb. The expression Ducks swimming in the pond says that something floats somewhere, so the verb is swimming. The phrase The Ducks Love to Swim says something loves something, so the verb is love. Each verb requires a subject, that is, what the verb does. In both sentences, the theme is ducks.

A verb can also require an object, that is, what the verb receives. In The Ducks love to swim, the goal is to swim, because that`s what we love. Circle the subject in each sentence and choose the right verb. 7. There are no less than six pencils in this box. _______________ 31. Any mention of the director`s previous failures on Broadway was absent from the article. Verbs that follow subjects of form A or B and neither A nor B should correspond to B, the noun that approximates the verb. 22.

Ben or his brothers (are) responsible for the drinks. 12. Mathematics and history (are) my favorite subjects. Third person singular Formas in it spendbutpersons is plural, so the term should be peoplespend. Sentences like Sam and Bob are plural, but sentences like Sam, in addition to Bob, are singular. Sentences that both and …, with . start, with …, or in addition to . are switches that are not part of the main theme. 31. The article (was/were) did not mention the director`s previous failures on Broadway. . There are many in the barn.

(vice versa) Lots in the barn. (not reversed). Next to each noun or noun, write « S » if it is singular, or « P » if it is plural. . Midnight`s Children by Salman Rushdie is my favorite novel. All of the following can be singular or plural, depending on the noun that follows that of: none (de), none (de), some (de), most (de), plus (de) and all (de). .