Safta Agreement Was Signed In

The establishment of an Intergovernmental Group (IIG) to develop an agreement for the establishment of a SAPTA by 1997 was approved at the sixth SAARC Summit held in Colombo in December 1991. I General conditions To qualify for a preference, products: (a) must be covered by a description of the products eligible for a preference in the SAFTA list of concessions of the country of destination; (b) comply with the SAFTA rules of origin. each item in a shipment must be qualified separately for itself; and (c) meet the shipping conditions set out in the SAFTA Rules of Origin. As a general rule, products must be shipped directly from the country of export to the country of destination, in accordance with Rule 12. II. Preferential products to be manufactured in box 8 shall be wholly manufactured, obtained or obtained in the exporting Contracting State in accordance with Rule 5 of the SAFTA Rules of Origin or, if not wholly manufactured or obtained in the exporting Contracting States, eligible in accordance with Rule 6. (a) products wholly obtained, obtained or obtained; In box 8, enter the letter « A ». (b) products which have not been wholly obtained, obtained or obtained: the following entry must be entered in box 8: 1. In box 8, point `B` shall be inserted for products satisfying the origin criteria set out in Rule 8.

Information in box 13 Where certified copies are issued, box 13 shall bear the inscription `CERTIFIED TRUE COPY`.