Achp Guidance On Agreement Documents

Historic real estate. The list of historical characteristics known in the preamble or provisions (or in an appendix if the list is extensive) defines the framework for assessing the company`s impact and avoids any future misunderstanding or disagreement about what is dealt with in the MOA or PA. Some contractual documents contain the specific locations of the historical properties concerned, but in certain situations representing such information about the location, character or ownership of a historic property, this could result in an invasion of privacy or hinder their use by traditional religious practitioners. In such cases, an agency should consider providing the sensitive information referred to in Section 304 of the NHPA (54 U.C No. 307103) and 36 CFR 800.11 (c) of disclosure. Publication of the exact location of an archaeological site or traditional cultural heritage (TCP) should generally be avoided in order to protect against vandalism or inappropriate access. The title indicates the company and the signatories of the agreement. It also indicates whether the document is a Memorandum of Understanding or a programming agreement. Once an agreement has been reached under Section 106 and submitted to the CHPA, the federal authority (and/or the applicant) is able to implement the commitment and can now approve federal funds for the company or issue a license or authorization for the business. In accordance with Section 110 (l) of the NHPA and 36 CFR 800.6 (c), an ACT or PROJETPA executed and implemented demonstrates the authority`s respect for Section 106 and governs the company and all its parts. The Agency official ensures that the commitment is in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Similarly, compliance with agency procedures through a programmatic agreement for agency programs developed and delivered in accordance with 36 CFR 800.14 (b) (2) (2) meets the Agency`s responsibilities, pursuant to Section 106, for all program entities under the agreement, until its expiry or termination.